Water Footprint ASSESSMENTS

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A water footprint is defined as the amount of fresh water utilized in the production or supply of the goods and services used by a particular person or group.

South Africa can be defined as a water scarce country, that with the crumbling water infrastructure, lack of investment and drought conditions will impact the countries ability to provide fresh clean water to its communities and business. Water unlike electricity can’t be created and as such the country can expect demand to outstrip supply in the coming years, in such cases the country can expect water shedding to occur as the country has experienced load shedding in recent years.

Communities, government and business need to manage our water resources better, this includes implementing water management strategies and managing water demand better by limiting water losses and reusing water as much as possible through water purification technologies.

In a recent survey, chief executives and world leaders said they regarded water availability in the top five global risks to business — and with good reason. Water scarcity or pollution incidents can halt production, disrupt the supply chain, lead to conflict with other water users, such as farmers or communities in the area, and harm corporate reputations.

It's imperative to get water management right, not just at head office but right along the supply chain.

Green Logik provides water footprinting services for business, identifying water inputs and outputs and how the water is used within it’s environment then providing an analysis on our findings and advising on water management strategies. This could be managing water consumption more effectively through demand management measures to investing in water purification technologies to recycle water usage.