Carbon Footprints

Green Logik can assist in providing your business with a carbon footprint and carbon emissions strategy over the long-term. Having massive impact over your business and overall organization.

Water Footprints

Green Logik provides water footprinting services for business, identifying water inputs and outputs and how the water is used within it’s environment. Providing an analysis and advising on water management strategies.

Energy Efficiency Assessments

Conducting an energy efficiency assessment is normally the first step to take in developing a long-term energy management strategy and Green Logik is there to assist you in that journey.

Energy management

An Energy Management System is a constant process of tracking energy consumption and identifying ways and means of reducing it. In effect an iterative way of continuous improvement and reduction in consuming energy.

Energy Efficiency Projects

We walk with our clients on the energy management journey from the feasibility study stage to project design, management and implementation and even verifying actual energy savings post project implementation.

Renewable energy

Green Logik can assist in conducting an renewable energy feasibility study for your organization, design and implement a solution to meet your energy requirements.

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Energy Efficiency
Energy Management Systems
Energy Efficiency
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